TechCare Exterior Glass Cleaner with Advanced Water Repellency

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TechCare Exterior Glass Cleaner is an ammonia-free product for use on exterior windows and windshield surfaces that delivers a streak-free, fog-free and smear-free finish.

This non-streaking, ammonia-free cleaner is designed for your vehicle’s exterior glass surfaces. The formula’s advanced water repellency causes water to bead and fall away from window and windshield surfaces to give you a crystal clear view of the road.

TechCare Exterior Glass Cleaner with Advanced Repellency Highlights:

  • Biodegradable formula
  • Easily removes bugs, dirt and debris
  • Long-lasting water repellency
  • Does not streak, fog or smear
  • Safe on tinted-windows
  • Size: 18 oz
  • Made in America


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