Prep/Tack and Slip Solution - Kit

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A set of custom engineered and premixed solutions designed specifically to simplify the preparation and application processes for WeatherTech protection film products. These products include; LampGards, ScratchProtection and MudFlap Protection Film.

Includes a full set of both premixed ready to use Prep/Tack Solution and premixed Slip Solution. These products were created to streamline the installation processes of WeatherTech protection film products. The Prep/Tack Solution thoroughly cleans the application surface and works as a minimal slip/tacking agent for the protection film product to be applied. The Slip Solution helps create an ideal surface for the application of protection film products. Once applied to the desired painted area, the Slip Solution allows users to easily adjust the film into the ideal position.

Prep/Tack Solution & Slip Solution is ideal to aid in the application of; LampGards, ScratchProtection and MudFlap Protection film.

Package includes:

  • One 4 oz. bottle of Prep/Tack Solution with sprayer
  • One 4 oz. bottle of Slip Solution with sprayer


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