Seat Tee® Personal Seat Protectors

– Installation Instructions –

Our Seat Tee® Personal Seat Protectors Are Designed To Lay Over Any Seat. Simply Place Opening Through Headrests, Adjust Shoulder Elastics Around Each Seat Side Top And Insert Center Retainer Flap Located On Backside Of Seat Tee® Through Seat Crack (Where Backrest Meets Seat Cushion). Although The Pocket Located At Bottom Front Side Of Seat Tee® Can Be Used For Storage While In Use, It’s Designed To Be A Sewn-In Self Storage Pocket So You Can Wrap It Up And Keep It Under Your Car Seats Or In Trunk Area For Quick And Convenient Access. Follow Same “Care” Instructions Listed Below. Our True-Fit® And H2Out® Custom Seat Covers Are Created To Fit Your Cars Front Seats And Rear Seats Seats Snugly. They Stay In Place Until You Want Them Off To Wash Which Can Be Done In The Comfort Of Your Own Home. See Instructions For 1-Pc And 2-Pc Custom Seat Covers Below. (Copy Included With Each Set Of True Fit® Seat Covers Ordered)

Custom True-Fit® (Canvas) And H2Out® (Waterproof Canvas) Seat Covers

– Installation Instructions –

PLEASE NOTE: If Headrests Are Adjustable, Remove By Pressing Button On Side. Some Cars & Trucks (Chevy, Dodge, Ford & GMC) Have A Tiny Hole On The Plastic Cap. Insert Paper Clip Into Hole In Order To Release Headrest. Refer To Owner’s Manuals For More Details On How To Remove Headrests If Necessary. Study Seats And Seat Covers For Any Openings To Help Determine Driver And Passenger Seats. Note: Identical Rectangle Openings On One Side Of Each Seat Cover May Be The Airbag Opening, Thus These Opening Goes Toward The Outboard (Door Side) Of Each Seat.


1. Slide Seat Covers Over Backrest Firmly But Gently Pulling Down Evenly On Both Sides. Because Of The Custom-Fit (Snug) Design Of These Seat Covers, Careful Manipulation May Be Necessary To Conform To Seats. You May Loosen Elastic Bungee Cord At The Bottom If Additional Slack Is Needed – But Be Careful: First Tie A Knot At The End Of The Cord To Secure It. 2. Once Seat Cover Is Installed Over Backrest, Tilt The Backrest Forward – Pulling The Elastic Loops (From Inside Of The Cover) Through The Crack Between The Upper Backrest And Lower Seat Section And Hook Under Seat Cushion. 3. Return Backrest To Its Vertical Position. Pull The Bottom Section Of The Seat Cover Around Seat Cushion While Aligning All Openings For Knobs Or Levers. Pull The Bungee Cord Tightly To Assure Proper Fit, Tie And Tuck Under Seat And/Or Close All Applicable Velcro Openings. Do Not Cut Off Excess Bungee As This Slack Will Be Necessary When Removing For Wash. When Applicable, Replace Headrests And Carefully Pull Headrest Covers Over Headrests And/Or Armrests.


1. Slide Seat Covers Over Backrest Firmly But Gently Pulling Down Evenly On Both Sides Then Wrap The Bottom Front Under The Seat (Towards The Back) And Attach To Rear Velcro. Because Of The Custom-Fit (Snug) Design Of These Seat Covers, Careful Manipulation May Be Necessary To Conform To Seats.

2. Slip The Bottom Seat Cushion Cover Around The Seat Cushion While Aligning All Openings. Pull An.Y Straps Through To Back And Tie Bungee Cords Tightly.

3. Tuck Any Excess Bungee Cord Inside Cover But Do Not Cut As This Slack Is Necessary When Removing For Wash.


Both True Fit® And H2Out® Seat Covers Are Machine Washable.

We Recommend Dark Colors Be Washed With Salt Before Wearing To “Set” Color And Prevent Excess Fading. Do This After You’ve Tried Seat Covers On And Are Satisfied With Their Fit.

Prior To Washing, You MUST First Remove The Hooks Attached To The Elastic Straps Inside As These Can Cause Damage During Spinning Cycles.

1. Turn Covers Inside Out And Wash In Cold Water, Gentle Cycle Using Mild Detergent.

2. You May Tumble-Dry At “Air” Or “Low” Settings. However, Line Drying Is Recommended.

3. For Added Protection Of Standard Canvas Fabric You May Spray Entire Seating Surface With Scotchgard Waterproof Protection Spray Before Re-Installing Seat Covers.

As You Can See Our Seat Covers Are Simple To Install And Simple To Care For. It’s A Well Spent Investment In Your Vehicle To Protect Your Front And Rear Seats With SeatSavers By Supreme Protective Seat Covers For Cars, Trucks, SUV And Vans. It’ll Really Pay Off When You Turn In Your Owned Or Leased Vehicle Because You’ll Preserve More Value When Your Interior Is In “As-New” Condition And You’ll Get Years Of Protection Out Of Them. If They Become Soiled, Simply Remove, Wash And Re-Install With Ease. If You Still Have Questions Or Concerns, Please Give Us A Call At 1-800-584-3858 Or Write Us At Info@Seatsavers.Com.